I was born on July 21th, 1986 in Avellino, a little town in the south of Italy. Self-taught Blender user from the early 2013, I’ve been working since than as a freelencer for the videogame industry and the animated movies industry as 3D Generalist, and I like to consider the NPR as my main expertise field, trying to find new ways to blend the traditional 3D workflow with a bit of Miyazaki spice.

In the 2015 I’ve founded a small indie studio, the Exit Studio, which over the year has produced three award winning shortmovies and animations.

My main softwares are Blender (modelling, texturing, rendering) and the Adobe Suite for image compositing and video/audio Editing.

Movie geek and passionate musician in my spare time, still playing my old Strat from when I was 16 years old, I’m still living in Avellino sharing my apartment with a fluffy dwarf-rabbit named Mistrer Bunny.